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1. Rinse your new GoFiltr under running water for 30 seconds to remove mineral dust that could develop during transportation. Shake it a little so water flows through GoFiltr.
2. Place GoFiltr in your bottle and fill it with water.
3. Download our free Mobile App available for iOS and Android to track refills and usage and get reminded when it’s time to replace. Pretty simple.
GoFiltr works well with ice, and you can add lemon or light-colored natural flavors without impacting GoFiltr effectiveness. Using artificial coloring could dramatically reduce the lifespan of your GoFiltr.
suggested use daily hydration,
balanced diet
dehydration & recovery
performance recovery,
fitness support,
daily electrolytes
fits any reusable bottle
creates mineral alkaline water up to 9.5pH up to 9.5pH up to 9.5pH
Infuses water with electrolytes ⚡⚡ ⚡⚡⚡
Infuses water with magnesium ⚡⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
infuses water with vital minerals ⚡⚡⚡ ⚡⚡⚡ ⚡⚡⚡
ionizes water ⚡⚡⚡ ⚡⚡⚡ ⚡⚡⚡
mineral formula base sioFuse AX sioFuse-MX sioFuse-EX
Unlike our early 2019 iterations, our latest formula produces no taste or smell. Though, if your water contains sulfates then GoFiltr could create sulfate-reducing reaction by converting it into sulfur which evaporates from your water rapidly and it may cause temporary unpleasant "rotten egg" smell. Just shake it up, leave your bottle open for 10-15 minutes and viola – you got less sulfates in your water!
No. GoFiltr is designed to dramatically slow down remineralization process once it reaches 9-9.5pH so your water doesn’t get “too mineral”. If you leave GoFiltr in your bottle for more than 24 hours in same water (especially small amounts under 24 oz) we suggest mixing it 1-to-1 with fresh water for best daily drinking experience. Caveat: “24 hour water” is a strong detox and remedy for hangovers and safe to drink.
GoFiltr only able to reduce some heavy metals (chromium, mercury, lead, etc) from your water, plus it creates a few reactions that could reduce sulfates, chlorine and other contaminants – leave GoFiltr for 5 minutes in your bottle, shake your water and leave it open for 5-10 minutes to reduce chlorine and possible sulfates if they are present in your water.
Unfortunately, activated carbon that’s usually used to purify water does not work in alkaline water at all – the two don’t match. If your home purifier or pitcher uses activated carbon then make sure you feed your purifier with water that has pH of or below 6.5 for optimal purification, your filter might not work as expected at pH 7.5 and most likely completely useless in water with pH above 8.
It depends how alkaline water or electrolyte beverages are made, we believe some are gimmick. While there are 1000s ways to make alkaline or electrolyte water we picked the most advanced way to make it, delivering Ionized Mineral Alkaline Water with Electrolytes.
GoFiltr infuses your water with just the right amount of Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium – the specific proportions of each to create balanced electrolyte water that’s also alkaline. If you ask your doctor about benefits of alkaline water vs electrolyte water you may get an interesting insight on what really works or what is gimmick. We did… that’s why we selected the most optimal way to create alkaline water that contains electrolytes that your body needs on daily basis.
Electrolytes – not all electrolytes turn water Alkaline. Not all electrolyte beverages are alkaline. Table salt is an example of electrolyte that’s heavily used in many electrolyte beverages but doesn’t turn water alkaline. GoFiltr contains no salt/sodium since we believe many of us consume plenty of it already.
Baking soda – cheap and easy way to turn water alkaline – great to reduce stomach acidity but may not provide many other benefits of electrolyte water… and you may as well just buy a $0.99 box of baking soda and make whole bathtub of alkaline water. GoFiltr contains no baking soda/sodium bicarbonate.
Just like in nature this is how real alkaline water is made! If your water is alkaline and contains no electrolytes you should rethink what you are drinking.
World Health Organization specifically advising against drinking purifying water on daily basis because many purification methods eliminate electrolytes along other impurities. Some studies showed that drinking de-mineralized water may cause your body to compensate for missing elements look for them within your body, specifically taking calcium from your bones which in long run may cause bone-density issues and even arthritis. We don't want that.
Human body needs electrolytes for many functions – from muscle contractions and brain function to cell functions and DNA maintenance. One way to think of electrolytes as a medium that helps to transmit signals in your body efficiently and faster, optimizing neurotransmission in your brain, increasing muscle capacity and efficiency, enabling DNA maintenance and repair to name a few.
No, FDA does not certify consumer products. Some companies make such (false) statements against FDA policies, consumer products displaying FDA logo are in violation of federal law since FDA logo is for official government use only.
While GoFiltr Alkaline is made per FDA guidelines we do not make any statements in relation to FDA certifications or use FDA logos on our products since we believe this is simply misleading. Instead, we spend our time on rigorous testing and making better consumer products.
No. There’s no such thing as microclustered water. It’s an interesting theory that was produced back in 1960s, since then, not a single piece of equipment available to human could prove its existence. It’s hard to prove any benefits of something that doesn’t exist or can be tested. We call it pseudo-science.
For those who don't know what microclustered water is - it's a theory that says that water molecules can be broken down into smaller clusters of 6-10 molecules and therefore water can be absorbed into cells faster. Many companies market this as if your entire bottle of water is made up with those small clusters. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE. If water clusters ever get that small then it only happens for a millisecond before larger clusters form again, there's no way to make a full bottle of "well organized" 6-10 cluster molecules. You have a better chance to take 100 kids to a candy store and keep them in check after they consume a pound of candy than making one micro-cluster of water. We believe in science.
It's up to you but GoFiltr is designed to be left in your bottle, some customers prefer to take it out. Leave it in and keep refilling. Once water reaches optimal pH level, GoFiltr is designed to slow down alkalization process, extending its lifespan. Though, ionization process will continue, keeping your water ionized. If you prefer taking GoFiltr out then we suggest doing so after 15-20 minutes, this way your water will have optimal pH and ionization level.
Download our free app and it will let you know when to replace it. Easy! Just search for "GOFILTR" on Apple or Google app stores. Your GoFiltr should be replaced every 3 month or after 750 refills (16oz), whichever comes first. Download our free Mobile App available for iOS and Android to track refills and usage and get reminded when it’s time to replace.
Your GoFiltr is naturally antimicrobial, and maintenance free. Before washing your water bottle please take GoFiltr out first, rinse it under running water for a few seconds and leave it to dry while you wash your bottle (5-10 minutes is plenty). Do not use soap. Drying GoFiltr overnight might help to restore it's effectiveness if your infuser gets closer to the end-of-life. Rinsing and then completely drying out your infuser for 12-24 hours every 10 days can help to eliminate "water smell" issues in some instances.
GoFiltr fits any bottle with neck opening of 1″ (27mm) or wider. We’ve tested GoFiltr with many common brands bottles, including Swell, Nalgene, Hydroflask, Klean Kanteen, Mira, CamelBak, Contigo and it fits them all. If you don’t have a bottle yet, we offer free 32oz stainless steel bottles with in our starter sets.
ORP stands for Oxidative Reduction Potential. Most drinking water have positive ORP levels ranging from +300 to +750 (the lower the better). GoFiltr Alkaline reduces that value to negative 200 or less, creating Ionized Antioxidant water that protects against free radicals, detoxifying and rejuvenating your body.
Are you drinking natural or artificial alkaline?
Natural Alkaline water is made in nature when water passes over rocks & picks up minerals (magnesium, potassium and calcium) that increase water alkalinity and pH naturally. Unfortunately, not all water sources come from springs and most tap and bottled water is acidic. We believe only Natural Mineral Alkaline Water that contains Vital Minerals, Electrolytes and Trace Elements can deliver health benefits.
Adding Baking Soda. Many bottled alkaline water contain baking soda, a cheap “mass-production” practice to increase water pH. While bicarbonate is necessary for some body’s functions, this alkaline water has limited viability. Watch-out for “bicarbonate” in the ingredients.
Electric Ionizers use a process called electrolysis that artificially raises the pH of regular water without adding minerals/electrolytes or benefits whatsoever. This is like genetically engineering water with electricity, pretty much creating GMO water. No scientific proof is available to show this water has any benefits but many marketing tactics applied to sell water ionizer machines that cost $2000-$4000 and more.
Many home water purifiers & pitchers demineralize water and decrease water alkalinity. A study published by the World Health Organization cautions against drinking water with low mineral content on a regular basis.
GoFiltr Alkaline replicates natural water mineralization process just like spring water in nature, infusing water with minerals and electrolytes, increasing water alkalinity up to 9.5 as a result of water mineralization and natural ionization process.
Yes, put it into "bottom" section of your Brita pitcher, do not put it on top! Your Brita pitcher uses activated carbon to purify water and activated carbon does NOT work at all in alkaline water above 9-9.5pH (in case your tap water is already alkaline you are wasting your money, get ceramic filtration unit like Berkey that works in any water) Placing GoFiltr in the bottom section of your water filter will alkalize your purified water and infuse it with minerals and electrolytes.
Yes. The beauty of GoFiltr is that you can use it in any bottle you like and you can move it from one bottle to another anytime. If you are using mobile app to track refills it might be easier to use same bottle size so app tracks refills and expiration accurately.
Congratulations! But you are not the first and $hit happens! ;) Just defrost your GoFiltr at room temperature, do NOT microwave it or put it in hot water. Once defrosted inspect for any cracks, if everything looks good, give it a 3 second rinse and use as usual.
Theoretically it should work as far as pH and mineralization but we haven’t tested GoFiltrs in containers larger than 50oz. Some customers use 2-4 GoFiltrs in their 5 Gallon jugs and had success with it.
Since Alkalization/Mineralization depends on the amount of liquid + time I’d say leaving one GoFiltr Alkaline or GoFiltr Electrolyte overnight might do the trick but not sure exactly how much time it will take to get there. If you put GoFiltr right by the dispenser it could actually speed things up since it will mineralize and alkalize water right by the dispenser area faster than in the rest of the jug and I’m sure you don’t plan to drink all 5 gallons in 1 hr . If you decide to give it a try we’d love to hear from you! (seriously)
ORP and water Ionization is slightly different story – any ionized water is extremely unstable – some bottled water makers label their water as ionized but it simply not possible since ionization fluctuates rapidly due to temperature, light, even time of the day and proximity to your cell phone – unless water is being constantly ionized such as leaving GoFiltr in your water bottle there’s no way to keep water ionized. We’ve tested many water brands and all “ionized” bottled water ORP reading was no different from tap or regular bottled water… Main reason I bring this up because 5 gallons of water for one GoFiltr could be too much liquid to ionize and “control” for the little guy – it will be able to ionize water in close proximity (2-3 inches around) but anything beyond that might not be possible.
Absolutely not. GoFiltr does NOT add any sugars, colors, additives, flavoring or calories. Just vital minerals and electrolytes. We believe there are plenty of sugary drinks already so we specifically created our infusers without any.
GoFIltr is guaranteed to stay fresh for 2 years from your purchase date. We make all infusers in small batches so your recent GoFiltr purchase most likely was made in past 3 months or less. Store at room temperature and in dry environment. Do not freeze.