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300 Gallons of Ionized Alkaline Water - JUMBO

Are you tired of constantly buying alkaline water bottles and spending a fortune on expensive alkaline water at the store? Do you want an infuser that can handle your favorite large water bottle or water pitcher?

Introducing the GOFILTR Alkaline JUMBO Infuser - designed to infuse your water with alkaline goodness, JUMBO style! At just 16 cents per gallon, it's an affordable and sustainable way to stay hydrated.

GOFILTR JUMBO Infuser fits most wide-mouth bottles, so you can use it with your favorite large water bottle or water pitcher. With 3 times the power of the original GOFILTR Alkaline Infuser, this JUMBO infuser is the perfect solution for larger bottles (50+ oz) and water pitchers, carafes, and containers up to 140 oz in size producing up to 300 gallons / 3 months of fresh ionized alkaline water.